Career Profile

Cybersecurity Consultant with more than 2 years of experience executing engagements and leading teams in attack and penetration testing engagements globally. Rewarded multiple times for excellent performance, client rapport and team work. Core Red Teamer with experience in Cyber Threat Intelligence, Cyber Footprinting, Forensics, Application security testing, Purple Teaming. Open source Contributor and Pythoniast.

Work Experience

Cybersecurity Consultant

2015 - Present
Ernst & Young LLP, Mumbai, India

Red Team Lead, Attack & Pentest Team. Executed black box penetration testing engagements and red team operations on clients across various sectors like Oil and Gas, Cement, Mining, Telecom, Media and Entertainment, Technology, Healthcare and Retail, located across multiple countries (India, Switzerland, France, Spain, Luxembourg). Developed Threat Sensors for clients to detect incoming botnet attacks. Assessed cybersecurity program maturity of large conglomerates. Developed continuous intelligence monitoring platform and assisted in building of a cyber news platform as a part of Cyber Threat Intelligence for any organization. Part of multiple smaller projects involving web application testing, mobile application testing, secure code review, network and infrastructure audit, thick client testing.

Research, Projects and Publications

Open Source Project and Research Paper Publications. Most of my research is available on my blog at

[Contributor] Pentest-Scripts - Automation scripts of penetration testing tools that Vijay (project owner) and I utilize during penetration tests.
Random-Hacking-Scripts - Small scripts build during a penetration testing engagement.

Skills & Proficiency

Network and Infrastructure Pentest

Red Team Skills

Application Pentest - (Web App)

Cyber Threat Intelligence & Footprint Assessment

Forensics & Incidence Response

Computer Languages (Python, Bash, HTML, CSS, JS, Java, C)

Application Pentest - (Mobile App and Think Clients)

Cyber Program Management & Maturity Assessment

Machine Learning & AI